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Basix:Notifier® / Basix:Data Importer®

If you are struggling to keep data flowing between IT systems, re-keying data or just wanting automated reports, BDI and Notifier may be just what you need. These components are designed to simplify systems integration and interfacing and run in the background to automatically perform many of the mundane tasks that normally require an administrator. 

Both modules are configured using the Basix™ application and run continuously on your server day and night. They may be used independently of Basix™ databases and can service many databases across your organisation with a single licence per module.

Notifier handles the automated execution of database queries such as nightly validation checks of financial data, migration of data to and from various databases and automated extraction of data. It includes a document generation and email component that can merge extracted data into MS Word templates and email the reports and documents to users. 

The notifications are based on a publisher/subscriber model meaning that any number of users can subscribe to various reports, each with their own filtering so that they only get the data they are interested in. If you are using Basix™, notifier allows users to subscribe themselves to various automated reports and to discrepancy saved searches that they have created, save administrative effort and allowing staff to keep their finger on the pulse of the organisation, even when away from their desk.

BDI was designed from the ground up to handle importing of data from text files into your database. It supports data filtering, mapping and bulk loads.

Uses for BDI include loading CSV exports from 3rd party GIS systems, loading bank deposit details for automated allocation to invoices and barcode data loading for stores handling to mention just a few.