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Microsoft PartnerBasix:Platform® is an innovative business application run-time environment used to deploy robust and scalable business solutions to end-users.

Built on the knowledge and experience gained from over 14 years of developing and marketing flexible commercial software, the Basix™ products from EMS offer an alternative to the high cost, "one-size-fits-all"
commercial software offered to industry-specific clients today.

As well as offering tailored business packages for a range of industries, EMS can also develop custom business solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs. Using our Basix:Builder® tools and the Basix:Platform® software, EMS can provide consulting services and platform software to ensure that your new solution suits your specific organisational needs 100%. Don't put up with commercial software packages that only do half the job or continuously require expensive modifications to meet changing business needs.

Our custom solutions service covers all phases of your business solution life cycle, from planning and prototyping of the solution right through to testing, production rollout and ongoing incremental enhancement and upgrades.

Compatible with Windows7Using Basix:Builder®, custom-built software solutions are no longer a high cost, high risk exercise, and in cases where packaged solutions are not relevant, a custom solution on Basix™ can be a more cost effective option compared with a commercial package.

Each Basix:Platform® solution we develop includes a range of standard functions and features, whether it be one of our off the shelf packages or a custom business solution:

These standard features provide a consistent and robust look and feel across all Basix™ applications, which helps minimise training and documentation for your staff.