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EMS works with a number of clients in the Australian and New Zealand utilities industry. These utilities provide functions such as electricity supply, distribution, transmission and generation and some also provide water supply and treatment operations.

Our utilities products are designed for Asset Owners, Network Operators and Lines Companies, but also have a range of Contractor options and field staff functions. They provide the agility and flexibility needed for the industry and start with a range of proven asset, maintenance and works management functions.

See our Basix:Electricity Manager, Basix™ Power Station Manager and EMS-WASP™ products pages for more details about the products used in this industry.

Basix:Housing Manager

EMS has worked closely with our Not for Profit Housing (NFPH) clients to provide a solution that meets the 'whole of business' requirements. Our NFPH clients are using Basix:Housing Manager to manage their whole business - including payroll, finance, housing management, asset management, works management and development projects. Basix:Housing Manager caters for all functionality required for social and affordable housing, for properties owned by our clients or agent managed properties. Flexible housing program configurations mean that Basix:Housing Manager can be used to manage different housing programs within the same database i.e. configurable affordability criteria and percentages, rental calculations etc.

The Basix:Housing Manager solution is suitable for medium to large housing providers, designed to manage one or multiple financial entities. The integrated financial functions provide real-time reporting for individual entities or across all entities.¬† Our Basix:Housing Manager clients have enjoyed significant efficiency improvements¬†as reconciliations between separate finance and tenancy systems are no longer required at the end of every month. As well as significant data entry time savings by utilising the Basix:Housing Manager product’s fully automated payment processing for Centrepay and PayWay tenant payments. Basix:Housing Manager is also fully integrated with ADL Forms allowing generating and storing of ADL Forms within Basix against tenant records.