16 Feb 2019

Basix:Mobile implementation for BHC

By: adminems 16 Feb, 2019 0 Comment

In February 2019, BHC in Brisbane successfully went live with our Basix: Mobile solutions for Routine and Entry/Exit inspections.

This was after months of collaboration between EMS and BHC to develop and refine these mobile solutions, specifically developed by EMS to complement our Basix:Housing Manager product.

The implementation of these Basix:Mobile solutions has drastically reduced the time and effort required for BHC to conduct these inspections, which seamlessly integrate with Basix:Housing Manager. All Inspection reports, work tasks, next inspection dates and other files are automatically generated and linked to the relevant record in Basix:Housing Manager to streamline the entire process and avoid manual entry or re-keying of data.

EMS would like to thank BHC for their contribution to the design of these mobile solutions and we look forward to implementing Basix:Mobile with some of our other customers very soon.

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