Basix Electricity Manager

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Basix:Housing Manager

With the exponential growth of the Not For Profit (NFP) Housing industry, businesses are finding that staff are struggling to keep pace with the volume of work. Many organisations started with spreadsheets to track customers, maintenance and finances and now find themselves struggling to handle the volume of data, to report business activities, and to ensure that their accounting systems are accurate. More »

Basix:Electricity Manager

The electricity industry has had to face a number of challenges over past years, with constant change through industry re-organisations and ongoing Regulatory requirements for increased reporting and disclosure of information. More »

Basix™ Power Station Manager

Basix™ Power Station Manager is designed for use by people who work in the industry every day. It provides a comprehensive business solution that can be fully integrated. More »


EMS is currently developing an all new mobile application to complement our product range, which will integrate with any Basix or WASP solution. More »