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RS DeliverEase - Example

Let's give you an example. You've been developing a set of reports in your Test environment, and now want to deploy these reports to your Live server. RS DeliverEase makes this a simple and straight-forward process.

Step 1: Export your reports from the Test server.

RS DeliverEase example

Open RS DeliverEase, connect to your Test server, and select all the folders and reports you wish to export. Hitting the button saves all the reports and folders you've selected into a .zip file in a location of your choosing.

Step 2: Connect to your Live server.

RS DeliverEase example

Hit the button, and either type in the URL of your Live server, or select it from the history drop-down if you have connected to it previously.

Step 3: Create a folder.

RS DeliverEase example

Our example Live server has no folders at the moment, so we click the button to create a
new one.

Step 4: Import your reports and folders.

RS DeliverEase example

Select the folder you wish to import to, hit the button, and select the .zip file you created in
Step 1.

Step 5: Import complete.

RS DeliverEase example

All the reports that you exported are now created in the new folder, maintaining the full folder structure you selected.

Easy as that!

There's more to RS DeliverEase than that, though. We can also update the data sources or security settings for all these reports at once.

Update the data source.

RS DeliverEase example

Select the reports you want to update the data source for, and then click the button.

Select or create the data source.

RS DeliverEase example

The Update Data Source window lets you create a new shared data source, define a custom data source, or select an existing shared data source, and apply this data source to all your selected reports.

Update security.

RS DeliverEase example

Select the reports you want to update the security settings for, and click the button.

Modify security settings.

RS DeliverEase example

The Update Security window allows you turn on or off security inheritance, add or remove security groups to the server, and assign server roles to these groups.

This is just one simple example of how RS DeliverEase can massively simplify the process of managing your Report Servers, and the deployment of reports to new servers.

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