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RS DeliverEase

Do you manage Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services?
Are you frustrated by the limitations of the standard web-based Report Manager provided by Microsoft?
Do you often need to import or copy multiple reports between various locations?
Are you tired of having to do this one report at a time, and manage the associated issues with changing data sources and permissions on individual reports?

Then RS DeliverEase is here to help!

RS DeliverEase is a tool that assists with the management and deployment of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports (.rdl files), folder structures, data sources and permissions. It is ideal for network or database administrators, developers, consultants, or anyone who wants to simplify the management of these areas in SQL Server Reporting Services.

Microsoft's standard web-based Report Manager forces you to upload reports, edit data source settings and set security on each individual report, one tedious report at a time. RS DeliverEase lets you perform these operations in bulk, on multiple reports at once, saving you significant time and effort when managing your Report Servers.

RS DeliverEase

RS DeliverEase features:

Software prerequisites:

RS DeliverEase can be purchased for $AUD 19.95 per seat.
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