Basix:Electricity™ Manager is designed for Asset Owners, Network Operators and Lines Companies but also has a range of Contractor options and field staff functions.


It provides the agility and flexibility needed for the industry and starts with a range of proven asset, maintenance and works
management functions.

More than just recording all Network and other assets under
management, these functions automate and control the whole life cycle of these assets. This is achieved through workflow and a range of processes covering all aspects of an assets life.


With optional functions for:


  • Outage Management Recording

    Interruptions to electricity supply can be recorded and managed.

  • Regulatory Valuation

    The Commerce Commission (Regulator) in New Zealand has defined specific business rules for the valuation of assets. This functionality has been developed to automate the annual process of re-calculation of the asset base. This functionality is dependent on the availability of specific data within the asset register.

  • Incident Management

    Also known as Hazard Management, has been developed for different clients based on required business rules. Once again EMS can assist in the provision of this functionality.

  • Reliability Reporting

    The Regulators within the industry demand accurate reporting of SAIDI and SAIFI for disclosure purposes. Functionality to provide the required reporting based on the Outage data recorded is available or can be charted as required by the user. This reporting also provides additional asset management reporting capability.

  • Annual Planning

    Several clients have developed alternative works planning or annual planning capabilities. EMS can assist with the provision of a solution to meet the specific business needs.

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