1 Jul 2019

Two successful Basix:Housing Manager implementations in 2019

By: adminems 1 Jul, 2019 0 Comment

In 2019 we successfully implemented Basix:Housing Manager for two new customers – Homes North Community Housing in Armidale NSW, and Access Community Housing Company in Cairns QLD. This included a full data migration from their previous system, user training and a number of enhancements that were requested during scoping.

The implementation project for Homes North Community Housing started in January and required very short timeframes due to a pending transfer of a large number of properties from the NSW Government to Homes North Community Housing. EMS was able to provide a live system in just 3 months as required, which allowed the transfer of properties to occur and provided a solid platform to complete the implementation of the full suite of modules.

We also implemented Basix:Housing Manager at Access Community Housing in Cairns, with a go-live date set of July 1 to coincide with the new financial year. Again, the system was implemented on time and on budget and has been well received by the users and management.

Both customers implemented the full Basix:Housing Manager solution, which includes fully integrated Finance, Tenancy, Assets, Human Resources, Payroll, Reporting and automated Centrepay payment processing.

EMS would like to thank staff and management of both Homes North and ACHC for their support and co-operation during these implementations, which was critical to their success.



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